6 Week Singing with Confidence course April/May 2013


I put together a 6 week course in order to help people who enjoy singing but have no confidence when it comes to singing in front of people.
In the first weeks, a student gets use to hearing their voice , and the changes that occur when attention to breathing & diction are introduced.
Students begin to enjoy hearing themselves and by the end of the 6 weeks are more comfortable with their voice and more confident to share it more publicly.
The course is open to people wanting to duet and learn harmonies together and often can be a lovely event for family members.
Self accompaniment is encouraged if someone plays guitar or piano.

6 week courses
Single €120
Duet €160
One 40 minute class a week
If interested please contact
Keara: 0879007003
or email


Limited Places so please contact ASAP

I have known Keara Sheeran for more than two years, in her role of choir director of The Gift Concert and the Ignite Gospel Choir first and then as singing teacher.
I can say without a doubt that she is a person of very good moral character. Keara operates with integrity, and is totally committed to everything she does. She is hard working and dedicated, and never leaves a job unfinished.
Keara has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, including children. She can connect with each student, by addressing their unique talents and specific needs. Her ability to get the best out of people is absolutely incredible. Her talent at encouraging and involving people and at teaching is truly superior.
She is also able to create a family friendly environment in the group, by bringing people together in social activities. She is extremely competent, organized and reliable. She has a great initiative and a very positive attitude.


Myself and my 2 children have been involved with Keara’s choirs for almost 2 years.

It has been a wonderful experience for us as we have met some great people and been involved in many different events from concerts, weddings and fund raising events.
The Gift and Song for Lily Mae are 2 amazing experiences we enjoyed in 2012.

Keara is a very inspiring and enthusiastic person. She gives herself whole heartedly to everything she takes on. She is very dedicated and brings people together.

I have no doubt whatever Keara takes on in the future will be a success.

The Big Sing

At the end of the course, all the students & their families and friends come together for “The Big Sing” where everyone is welcome to part take. This is an
opportunity for everyone to sing in front of people they know in a safe environment and have a bit of fun and banter.
The date TBC once the course is finished.

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