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“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” ― Stephen Sondheim


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IGNITE Gospel Choir

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Gospel Choir

The Village Choir

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The Village Choir

IGNITE Youth Gospel Choir

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General Membership Information

Membership to the choirs are the same. We work for 10 months of the year taking a break in the summer. Membership fees work through a direct debit system and is spread out over 12 months.
When you fill out the expression of interest form you will be guided to all the set-up links to complete in order to become a member. Once that is done you will be added to all communication listed and you will be given access to all the choir resources relevant to your chosen choir. Further information will be sent regarding rehearsals/ zooms/ projects etc.

The Village Community Choir Information

The Village community choir is a newly formed choir (May 2020) with 45/50 member. Post covid rehearsals will be weekly on Mondays from 7:30pm in the Galway Bay Hotel. We work on contemporary music predominantly, pop, rock, soul etc with the occasion gospel song as well. It is our hope to have a well-rounded repertoire for any occasion including weddings (Hence the need for gospel/ liturgical music)
Both choirs are working on projects in our existing virtual capacity which is supported by zoom sessions and regularly contact for project support.

General Membership Information

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Valuable benefits of a workplace choir


Why do group singers feel such a ‘buzz’?

Group singing triggers the release of all 4 ‘happiness hormones’ in the body: dopamine, serotonin (associated with feelings of exhilaration and contentment), endorphins and oxytocin. The importance and significance of oxytocin must not be underestimated here. This hormone is usually released during physical contact and has been found to promote trust and togetherness, whilst reducing stress and anxiety. Group singing is one of very few ways to produce significant levels of oxytocin without physical contact, which makes it an ideal activity for workplaces. Singing in a choir is one of very few ways to produce high levels of oxytocin without physical contact.

As well as the invaluable release of beneficial hormones, group singing reduces levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol has been called ‘the stress hormone’. Singing increases lung capacity, improves posture, boosts the immune system and increases mental alertness due to greater oxygenation. These benefits are further enhanced by the warmups and exercises associated with choral rehearsals.

Thanks Keara! Just wanted to let you know our singing group have learned, benefited so much from your huge bank of knowledge in singing with us over the past five months. Keep up the good work!

Christy Moran

If you would like to start a workplace choir, give Keara a call

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DEASP Workplace Choir






BONS Hospital Workplace Choir






The BallyBangles

Community Singing Group






The IGNITE Gospel Choir






The IGNITE Youth Choir




It breaks down barriers, improves communication & brings a renewed sense of pride, direction and focus.

Other Benefits:


A choir can lead to a massive increase in team effectiveness in the workplace. Teams gel better and thrive for longer, performing beyond their ceilings of expectation.
Employee fulfilment and retention rates increase thanks to improved morale, reduced stress and deep social connections.

Employees benefit from the self-confidence that choral performance provides. This benefits their communication and presentation skills.
Engaging staff in a new and exciting way boosts productivity, creativity and general wellbeing in the workplace.

Choir rehearsals are a unique opportunity for colleagues from different departments and different levels of the organisation to meet, and to make great friends in the process. This breaks down barriers, improves communication, and brings a renewed sense of pride, direction and focus to the organisation.

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