Funeral Music

“You’re in the arms of an Angel, may you find some comfort here”


Even though music can be uplifting and a great source of comfort and consolation, it can also express how we feel more than words. Choose from a wide list of special music, pick songs that have significance to the person being honored.

Music To Honor Your Loved One

In the sad moments like these, one needs all the support and help possible and Keara knows how important that is, so feel free to discuss with her any requirements you may have for your loved one’s funeral service / ceremony.

Keara is based in Galway City and has been singing at funeral masses for over 15 years and feels privileged to be part of this important moment as families say goodbye to loved ones.

If you would like accompaniment other than the piano I can arrange one or a combination of the following musician(s):

  • Violinist
  • Cello
  • Guitarist
  • Male Singer

Listen to sample music

by Keara Sheeran | "Hide Me In The Shelter"

Selecting Music for Funerals


Music can be one of the most emotional tributes to your loved one. Choosing the right funeral songs and the best funeral singers for a farewell tribute can be a difficult task at a time of sadness and loss. When thinking about the person you are memorializing, you may wish to consider favorite songs or a type of music of the person being honored. The funeral music you select does not have to be traditional funeral music. Consult with family members and others, those who knew the person well as they may have suggestions and ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of. 

Keara Sheeran is a very experienced funeral singer and provide an understanding and very personal service. She will cater to the needs of the family and offer versatility in her styles of music and can provide professional guidance through their selection of traditional funeral hymns or more contemporary songs to find the most suitable music that will make the service a fitting tribute to your loved one.

The Blessing before we go our separate ways 

When the funeral party leaves the funeral home and travels to the church the blessing at the church is a short service.

It can be very comforting to have a professional singer performing. Music can include an opening hymn, a psalm and approx. 4 pieces at the end of mass as respects are paid.

The Music

Some of the artist in the popular funeral music includes:

Angels – Robbie Williams
The Rose – Bette Midler
Over the rainbow – Eva Cassidy
Tears in heaven – Eric Clapton

Artist still to be added to popular funeral music include:


  • Joe Cocker,
  • Simon & Garfunkel,
  • Elvis,
  • Michael Jackson,
  • Johnny Cash,
  • Leona Lewis,
  • Bob Dylan,
  • The Beatles, Leonard Cohen
  • and many more…

Popular Funeral Songs:

I also have a very large range of hymns and worship music.

Down in the river to pray – Gospel Hymn

Amazing Grace – Gospel Hymn

Lean on me – Bill Withers – Gospel Hymn

Arms of the angel – Sarah Mc Lachlan

Heaven – Brian Adams

Wind beneath my wings – Bette Midler

Let it be – The Beatles

Angels – Robbie Williams

Imagine – John Lennon

Other Funeral Songs:

Clouds Veil (Lawton)

Be not afraid

The Clouds Veil

Nella Fantasia

Ag Críost an Síol

Be still my soul

The Hiding Place (Lawton)

Bring him Home (Les Miserable)

My old man

On Eagles Wings

Amazing Grace

Nearer my God to thee

Jesus Remember Me

You raise me up

The Lord is my Shepherd

Going home

The Prayer

How great thou Art

Here I am Lord.

Make Me A Channel of your Peace.


Over The Rainbow

Moon river

Hide me in the shelter

Funeral Music Booking

Interested in booking Keara to provide music at the funeral? Please fill out the form and Keara will get back to you very soon.