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The IGNITED Choir Zoom Festival (PODFEST) that was held in September proved to be a warm, inclusive and fun time for all involved. The facilitators inspired and shared, there was joy, laughter and times of emotion as well. All of us came away with something new for ourselves and something to inspire our choirs with.


November Soulful Sessions are about to finish this week with another powerful session that will be run by Daniel Thomas – an internationally recognised musician, songwriter, singer, vocal coach, vocal arranger, producer, choir director.


On Saturday 28th November, I will host a full day IGNITED Christmas Special Workshop with five wonderful tutors to get us into the seasonal spirit!

Find out more below.

IGNITED Christmas Workshop Tickets


Join our Christmas Special PODFEST
Saturday November 28th at 10am.

PODFEST within your social bubbles or fly solo!
5 wonderful teachers 5 amazing songs!

Price: €35 

(There is a fee of €2.05 for online transactions).

Christmas Workshop Facilitators

November 28th 2020

Ruth & Emmanuel Waldron

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Craig Lees

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Anu Omideyi

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Nacho Melús

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Ken Burton

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Christmas Workshop Timetable

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Ruth Waldron
10am- 11am

(11-12pm in Norway)

Oh Holy Night

Though I LOVE the traditional, well known version of Oh Holy Night, a number of years algo I came across a gospel, soulful version of a song with the same name, Oh Holy Night. I will say from now, It isn’t anything like the traditional version. It is a simple song to learn, but the lyrics, it’s gradual yet evident build leads the audience into the heart of what Christmas is.

Join Emmanuel & I as we teach you this beautiful song. I’m sure it will also be on choirs Christmas song list from now on.

Ken Burton

And His name shall be called (Gospel Trad. A Cappella)

Cool Choral Chords!

This workshop will have you combining heartfelt singing with some interesting harmonies, using the song And His Name Shall Be Called , originally written as an a cappella Christmas spiritual for SATB choir (with splits). The song uses the harmonic structures and phrasings of Jazz, blues and gospel. It can also be sung accompanied, which will be provided. Whilst the piece is built on simple call and response structures, it does something different each time, so you will be kept ‘on your toes’.

A lot of notes to get through, but it will be truly worth it!

Anu Omideyi

The Night that Christ was born (Kirk Franklin)

Feel the Christmas cheer in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with a gospel music Kirk Franklin special: “The night that Christ was born”.

Craig Lees
3:30pm – 4:30pm

Last Christmas (WHAM)

Join Craig and his accompanist Declan for an evening of festive cheer and choral delight. Enjoy a fun and energetic warmup and explore new vocal techniques, all whilst singing a WHAM Christmas classic!

Nacho Melus

Glorious Prayer (Nacho Melus)

This workshop will be an uplifting experience of singing in communion together. In these times of social distances, uncertainty and suffering for many, we need more than ever to feel the presence of God and praise him for unity. We’ll do it through a very rhythmic worship song I wrote, called “Glorious Prayer”, that mixes the gospel harmonies with Flamenco rhythms. No matter the virtual distance I want to encourage everyone to sing from home and feel the presence of community. We are all in this together.

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